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Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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After talking with my old classmate, I could hardly contain my joy because I felt proud to be part of a structure whose presence was clearly being felt and which was doing something thought impossible before. Working with LAGA has taught me to make things move on time and this is manifested even in my daily life especially in my own home. Working with LAGA has also shown me that much can be done with very limited resources especially financial once the motivation and the zeal to attain a certain goal is there. Working with LAGA means managing many different things at the same time under pressure. Working with LAGA has shown me how to make new friends and crack jokes with colleagues on a constant basis. Some of these traits were lacking in me and now I am a different person because of the experience I have acquired from LAGA.
One of the main things that strike me in LAGA is the smallness of the structure in terms of personnel and the youthful nature of the staff. This has made LAGA to become a small close unit manifested even in personal issues. I lost my mother in September 2009 and the fact that 3 LAGA members braved the rains and the bad roads to be with me was something quite laudable.
To conclude, I will say that it is a good experience I have gotten with LAGA especially in being result oriented and being part of a close-knit family.
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