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Saturday, May 25, 2019
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  Recruitment of Super Volunteers

Recruitment of Super Volunteers

We are activists motivated by the great failure of aid in Africa, disillusioned by the waste, lack of conviction and corruption in the aid business. With the hope of bringing about a change we started tackling corruption issues in order to prove Civil Society Organizations can and should develop a much more demanding and aggressive approach in this fight.

Sub-Saharan Africa is moving backwards in every possible indicator set by its own development officials. Yet the aid system continues to reinforce the development myth - that pumping in more money to the existing system can solve Africa’s problems.

We wish to recruit and train six special volunteers to become new generation independent activists to take part as warriors in this fight.

The program seeks to give volunteers tools for larger activism and opportunities to continue in a path of independent activism that we can support.

Conditions for applicants:

·         Have had an experience in Africa.

·         Have experience in volunteering and activism.

·         Have a strong character and devotion that can carry them through this fight.

·         Have a desire to effect change in a society.

·        Must not necessarily be biologists or conservationists.


If you are interested please send your contact details and curriculum vitae (CV) to  

*Contact – ofir@laga-enforcement.org, ofir@kick-corruption.org, Tel: 237 699651803

































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