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Saturday, June 15, 2019
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  The Duke of Edinburgh Conservation medal

The Duke of Edinburgh Conservation medal

The Duke of Edinburgh Conservation Medal is the WWF top award and it recognizes, once a year, highly meritorious contributions to the conservation of wildlife and natural resources, and outstanding service to the environment.

LAGA wins The Duke of Edinburgh Conservation medal given by Prince Philip – the husband of Queen Elizabeth. It is the sixth in connection to LAGA’s work thereby giving more credibility to and acceptance of LAGA's message and help in its long term quest to affect conservation in a meaningful way. The award was received by the LAGA Director and given the media coverage including BBC; he used it to pass the need of wildlife law enforcement message across and the total engagement of the LAGA family in this fight. The award came with a Rolex watch but since this status symbol represents all that is against LAGA values regarding the materialistic society and its spiritual poverty, the $5000 watch is being auctioned at eBay and the money raised will be used to finance LAGA arrest operations.

LAGA Director on the right and on the left, Prince Philip - the Husband of Queen Elizabeth


The Duke of Edinburgh Conservation medal puts the total of international awards for the LAGA family’s work at seven.

Thanks for those of you who nominated and supported us to win these awards.

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