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Saturday, May 25, 2019
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December  Action 2006

  • Internal workshop for vision and action plan of 2007.
  • 2 Operations in the South Province.
  • Internal training raising the professional level in LAGA.
  • Attaining annual target of 365 media pieces exactly.
  • Completing 4 issues of Wildlife Justice Magazine to the professional audience.


 November Action 2006  

  • Reconstruction of LAGA.
  • 2 lions' skins operations in the Far North, 4 dealers arrested. Cross border trafficking involving Nigeria and Chad. 
  • First LAGA operation in the Far North Province.
  • Training Senior officers in National Gendarmerie School


October Action 2006 


  • A climb in professional level in Operation Unit.
  • Two ape dealers arrested.
  • Two operations against an elephant poacher and a dealer.
  • A visit of Galit Zangwill with Israeli TV .

 September  Action 2006  

  • Adjusting to a new Minister in charge of wildlife.
  • Hitting Congolese connection in trade in skins, and related ivory dealer with 7 tusks.
  • Operation against an American dealer.
  • Hitting train station dealers’ hidden storage room.
  • A climb in the professional level of the investigation unit.
  • Meeting with former Prime Minister

August Action 2006 


  • Four operations – Apes, Ivory and leopard skins.
  • Former Prime Minister assists in LAGA operation.
  • Unprecedented prosecutions – prosecutions of 8 cases. Precedence of a maximum punishment of 3 years. Precedent of a prosecution of military personnel. Record damages awarded. 


July Action  2006

  •  First prosecution concerning trade in lions.
  • Two ivory operations


June Action 2006

  • Operation against lions products laundering operation of Safari Company worker.
  • Operation against a shop systematically trading protected species.
  • Ape dealer operation in Littoral Province.
  • Complaint report is completed with charges against 3 main suspects of a syndicate accused in the ivory trafficking affair, an international request for their arrest is issued by the INTERPOL.

May Action 2006 

  • Successful fast investigation concerning ivory trafficking operation at an unprecedented scale.
  • Engaging further the Government of Cameroon and the International community.
  • Ivory dealer arrested on board a Chinese ship.
  • A wealthy ivory dealer arrested West Province


April Action 2006

  • Two operations against Guinean ivory connection.
  • LAGA is selected as BHC best project of the ending financial year.
  • Operation against an ivory dealer in North West province 

March Action 2006

  • Memorandum of Understanding Signed with the Government.
  • Wildlife Law Enforcement Journal launched, unprecedented media results.
  • Independent Monitoring of WWF run Campo-Ma’an NP completed


February Action 2006


  • Accomplice of Ecoguard killer operation.
  • Hitting Guinean ivory Connection.
  • Unprecedented damages awarded.
  • Organaizing Eco-tourism and Great Apes meeting


January Action 2006

  • Drugs and Apes operation,
  • Media efforts doubled,
  • First case in DRC,




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LAGA-Former Prime Minister Achidi Achu of Cameroon







LAGA-Hongkong Ivory seizure



 LAGA Bafia drugs and ape dealer


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