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Saturday, May 25, 2019
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December Action 2007


  • An International wildlife trafficker caught in Douala with 720 parrots.
  • Seized parrots released into the wild by Minister, MINFOF
  • Investigation concretize against 3 international traffickers involving a live hippopotamus paid for 80.000 dollars.
  • Investigations initiated against 2 Chinese trafficking 25 kg of ivory through the Yaounde-Nsimalen airport.
  • Unprecedented victory in the fight against corruption tackling a high government official.





November Action 2007


  • The Taiping 4 finally arrive back home ending a 5 years wildlife trafficking saga.
  • 4 operations were carried out against 8 dealers including a Guinean caught with more than 300 pieces of ivory, some transformed into chopsticks destined for China.
  • A military officer arrested on illegal trade in primates.
  • 2 Ghanaians and head of a big business establishment arrested in International trafficking of 500 African grey parrots destined for Bahrain.




October Action 2007


  • 5 lion skins traffickers prosecuted with imprisonment terms of 20 and 10 months.
  • Leopard skin dealer connected to other criminal activities arrested.
  • LAGA director received the Shinning World leadership award for showing leadership in the outstanding efforts to protect wildlife.
  • Several violent attempts combated.



September Action 2007



  • 3 dealers arrested in a single operation attempting to sell 14 elephant tails, 4 tusks and elephant tooth .
  • 6 prosecutions.
  • International investigations extended to France and Nigeria.
  • Head of the Legal department gives a presentation at Interpol wildlife working group meeting in Tanzania.
  • LAGA's assistant manager continues studies in the UK.




August Action 2007


  • Extraordinary media results with 70 media pieces out
  • 4 operations were carried out against 5 dealers in a clamp down on leopard skin trade
  • Taiping four negotiations with South African delegation visit 




July Action 2007


  • New LAGA Website launched - website:
  •  Important commendation letter from the US Ambassador
  •  LAGA's online videos reach 5000 views
  •  Internal and external communication project realised
  •  2 operations were carried out against two subjects




 June Action 2007


  • LAGA on delegation of Cameroon to CITES in the rare status of a formal member and not an NGO observer.
  • The Bavin award for extraordinary achievements in wildlife law enforcement given to LAGA
  • The Interpol Ecomessage award, given once a year was given to the Government of Cameroon for its work with LAGA.
  • First cyber crime court case, a fruit of good collaboration with the authorities of South Africa.
  • 3 operations were carried out against 4 subjects




MayAction 2007


  • Missions in DRC and Congo Brazzaville.
  • Participation in the CITES African Elephant Dialogue meeting.
  • 3 good operations on apes and leopard skins
  • Court case initiated against Gendarme - town commandant.




April Action 2007


  • Unprecedented relations opening in courts
  • International investigations intensified on lion’s skins traffic to Europe and ivory trafficking involving Chad and Nigeria.
  • Initiated collaboration with Belgium



FASTEST FTP services March Action 2007

March 2007 Report


  • 3 Operations were carried out arresting 8 dealers.
  • A record of 32 investigations carried out.
  • LAGA increased international investigations including a mission to Nigeria
  • Beginning of capitalization of LAGA and plans for the two Congos.
  • A meeting with the Minister of Forestry and Wildlife.




February 2007 Report


  • A meeting with Cameroon’s Prime Minister achieving institutional changes.
  • Operation in the South capturing a fugitive major ivory dealer.
  • First case against a corrupt Ministry official.




January Action 2007


  • 1 Operation in the West Province, 7 Leopard skins busting network.
  • A record of 27 investigations carried out.
  • Training new investigator on internet Investigations.
  • A meeting the Minister of Forestry and Wildlife.




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 LAGA Prime Minister of Cameroon Ephraim Inoni














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