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Saturday, May 25, 2019
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December  2008 Report


  • An operation carried out in Bandjoun  West Region. A dealer arrested trying to illegally trade in leopard skin.
  • Head of Legal Department was made acting Director with signatory powers.




November 2008 Report


  • A major illegal chimp and bush meat trade network busted at Ntui Center Region. 3 
    female dealers arrested. 
  • LAGA participates in the 9th COP Conference of Parties to the Convention on Migratory Species in Rome.
  • The Ambassador of the Republic of Congo reacts positively to the replication of LAGA 
    activities and operations in his country.




October 2008 Report


  • New MoU signed between LAGA and MINFOF with more focus on the fight against 
  • A dealer in live chimps arrested in Bertoua  East Province.
  • A wildlife dealer is sentenced for illegally trading in lion and leopard skins. 




September 2008 Report


  • A LAGA family member effectively kicks off RALF activities in the Republic of Congo.
  • 6 operations against 6 dealers in the replication of LAGA’s experience in the Republic of Congo.




August Action 2008


  • A wildlife dealer prosecuted in Nanga-Eboko, Center Province.
  • A US Court sentences a Cameroonian born lady for illegal ivory trade
  • LAGA has been experiencing a serious cash flow problem.




July Action 2008


  • An International wildlife trafficker of British Nationality arrested in the South West Province. He was convicted and served jail time in the U.S. for wildlife trafficking.
  • 4 operations carried out, 4 dealers arrested.
  • 3 cases were prosecuted against 4 wildlife dealers.
  • LAGA participates 57th CITES Standing Committee in Geneva - Switzerland.





June Action 2008


  • 3 cases prosecuted sentencing 4 wildlife traffickers to prison terms and to pay damages.
  • 3 operations carried out in the West Province, 5 dealers arrested.
  • LAGA participates in the launching of MINFOF anti-poaching unit.






May Action 2008


  • Investigations covered all the 10 Provinces this month.
  • A principal Internet Scammer arrested tying to sell tortoises using falsified government documents
  • 2 dealers arrested trying to illegally sell leopard skins.





April Action 2008


  • A veteran International Ivory Dealer arrested in The Republic of Congo while replicating the activities of LAGA.
  • An Internet Scammer arrested tying to sell a chimp using falsified official documents.
  • A big illegal ivory trade network busted in Mamfe – South West Province.
  • A dealer arrested in Ngaoundere for illegally trading in Leopard skins and trophies of other endangered animal species.





 March Action 2008


  • A Manager of a Logging Company of Greek Nationality is arrested with 2 live chimpanzees, 1 live De Brazza’s monkey and 5 parrots.
  • A live chimpanzee is rescued from a high personality, The Senior Divisional Officer of Upper Sanaga Division, Centre Province.
  • 2 dealers arrested illegally trading in leopard skins




February Action 2008

  • A wildlife dealer is sentenced for illegally trading in gorilla meat.
  • Personnel strengthened with further studies for more capacity building.
  • Civil strife limiting the month’s results.



January Action 2008

  • A retired military officer is arrested for trading in gorilla meat.
  • MINFOF Minister’s New Year wishes singles out LAGA and fight against corruption.
  • LAGA makes a full presentation at the Central African Heads of Police Conference on the fight against wildlife crime and the involvement of the police in this fight.














































































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