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Saturday, May 25, 2019
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  Monthly Reports

December 2010 Report


  • 3 international wildlife traffickers arrested in Buea – South West Region with about 700
    African Grey Parrots and corruption attempts observed.
  • 2 other arrest operations carried out against 2 dealers.
  • A female wildlife dealer sentenced to 8 months imprisonment in Sangmelima – South.
  • The first edition of the LAGA Replication Manual completed and printed.
  • The 7th edition of Wildlife Justice on Replication and Regional Law Enforcement
  • The year ended with excellent results from all the Departments.
November 2010 Report
  •  4 arrest operations carried out in 4 different countries with the arrest of a total of 21
    major dealers within 5 days in Regional Law Enforcement.
  • Gabon- Conservation Justice arrests 16 ivory dealers in 3 operations with 105Kg ivory.
  • 4 arrest operations carried out against 6 major dealers in Cameroon.
  • LAGA receives 2 trainees from the PALF (Congo – Brazzaville) and AALF (Gabon)
October 2010 Report
  • LAGA Director met the MINFOF Minister to sign the new MoU for the next two years.
  • An arrest operation carried out against 3 ivory dealers in Yaounde – Center.
  • An Egyptian involved in the illegal trade of ivory following an arrest operation in Yaounde – Center. His involvement in international ivory trade still being investigated.
  • The LAGA Director visits Malawi and Zambia to give recommendations on how to re-launch wildlife law enforcement using the LAGA experience.
  • 4 dealers were sentenced this month.



September 2010 Report
  • 5 arrest operations against 12 dealers; 2 of the operations within 2 days.
  • LAGA participates in the Conference of the Interpol Wildlife Working group in Lyon – France where he made a presentation on the collaboration between NGO and Government in the fight against wildlife crime.
  • 1 week training, capacity building and restructuring carried out in Investigations Department geared at producing better results and to follow the right procedures.


August 2010 Report
  • 4 arrests in 1 day in 2 different parts of Cameroon – 2 dealers arrested with 13 Turtle shells in Limbe – South West; 2 dealers in leopard skin arrested in Sangmelima - South.
  • A dealer in ivory sentenced in Abong Mbang - East.
  • LAGA assists in the burial of the wife of a LAGA member in Nkambe – North West. 
July 2010 Report


  • 3 parrot dealers of Ghanaian nationality sentenced in Douala – Littoral.
  • A recidivist ivory dealer arrested in Lomie – East. 

June 2010 Report
  • 5 arrest operations against 6 dealers; 4 of the operations within 1 week.
  • A highly placed government official implicated in illegal wildlife trade and corruption sent to early retirement.
  • A dealer sentenced to 1 month prison term in Nkambe – North West Region.
  • LAGA received high recognition in the fight against corruption this month.

May 2010 Report

  • A major dealer arrested with 50 python skins in Nkambe – North West Region.
  • A parrot capturer belonging to a network arrested in Kribi – South Region while trying to illegally trade in parrots.
  • 1 case sentenced this month in Bamenda – North West Region. 
  •  LAGA presents during the conference of the Interpol Environmental working group in Ivory Coast.


April 2010 Report 
  • A dealer arrested in Kribi – South Region with 2sea turtle shells, as a continuation of the crackdown on illegal trade in these products.
  • 4 dealers were sentenced this month – 2 in Bafoussam and 2 in Kribi.
March 2010 Report
  • 2 ivory dealers involved in 1 ton ivory trafficking sentenced to 1 year imprisonment and to pay a record sum of over $116,500 as fines and damages.
  • 2 dealers arrested in Kribi – South Region with 14 sea turtle shells, an areawhere several projects claimed to work on the protection of sea turtles for years.
  • Ivory dealer arrested in Abong Mbang – East Region with elephant tusks.
  • 3 cases were prosecuted this month against 4 dealers.
  • LAGA participates in the 15th CITES Conference of the Parties (CoP) in Doha - Qatar.


February Report 2010 

  • 3 international parrot traffickers arrested in Douala – Littoral, more than 300 parrots seized exposing more of this trade due to lack of prosecutions.
  • Ivory dealer sentenced to 8 months imprisonment in Yaounde.
  • LAGA Annual Report for 2009 completed.

January Report 2010


  • Operations started against 4 international parrot traffickers in Douala – Littoral following the seizure of more than 1000 parrots.
  • A principal Internet wildlife dealer arrested in Buea – South West Region 
  • 3 cases sentenced this month against 4 dealers. 
















































































































































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