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Saturday, May 25, 2019
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  Activity reports



December 2011 Report



  • Concretization of replication in Chad continued this month

  • 7 dealers arrested in 3 different operations

  • The year ended with excellent results from all the Departments




November 2011 Report


  • LAGA makes a breakthrough in the collaboration with Interpol in an Interpol Regional meeting in Chad.
  • The replication of LAGA activities started this month in Chad.
  • 5 dealers arrested in 3 separate operations. 2 of the operations within 2 days.
  • Unprecedented number of media pieces produced and pushed through this month. A total of 64 media pieces obtained.








October 2011 Report


  •  A baby gorilla rescued in Ngoyla – East Region.
  • 2 fugitive dealers involved in the illegal detention of 20 elephant tusks arrested again to serve their 6 months imprisonment term.
  • LAGA Director carries out a replication visit in Gabon.
  • 2 dealers sentenced this month in Abong Mbang – East and Muyuka – South West.
  • The French version of the LAGA Manual printed.




September 2011 Report


  • 2 Internet wildlife dealers arrested in collaboration with US authorities after offering rhino horns for sale with falsified official documents.
  • 7 major wildlife dealers sentenced to serve prison terms.
  •  3 dealers sentenced to 6 months imprisonment each in Abong Mbang - East.





August 2011 Report


  •  4 years in prison sentence for a Chinese ivory trafficker in Brazzaville –Congo.
  • 11 major wildlife dealers sentenced to serve prison terms of 1 and 2 years in Cameroon.
  • An Egyptian ivory dealer sentenced to serve 2 years in prison and 2 Cameroonians  
  • LAGA participates in CITES Standing Committee meeting in Geneva – Switzerland.




July 2011 Report


  • 3 dealers in elephant tusks arrested in Djoum - South with ivory, arms and ammunition. 
  • Dealer in primates arrested with a live mandrill in Djoum – South. 
  • 3 cases sentenced this month against 4 dealers. 
  • LAGA Director held a series of meetings in Kenya on the strategic vision of creating animal welfare movement in Africa, wildlife enforcement, forest corruption and activism. 
  • LAGA continued with contact meetings with Nigerian authorities on the replication of LAGA activities in that country. 




June 2011 Report


  •  LAGA Director was invited by ILEA (International Law Enforcement Academy) in Botswana to train in the first anti-corruption program for wildlife enforcers.
  • Regional collaboration among the projects increased with a regional meeting of country coordinators in Gabon planning regional crackdowns.
  • LAGA makes a presentation on regional law enforcement at first Interpol specialized environmental conference organized by Interpol Central African Regional Bureau in Yaounde – Cameroon.
  • A major leopard skin dealer arrested in Yaounde – Center with a leopard skin and leopard skull.
  • Another dealer belonging to a network of 7 well known elephant dealers that was busted in Mintom-Djoum – South arrested.
  • 2 dealers were arrested while trying to trade in chimp parts in Mindaurou – East.



May 2011 Report


  • 2 major ivory dealers arrested in Douala with 364 ivory pieces weighing 34 kg.
  • A network of 7 well known elephant poachers/dealers busted in Mintom-Djoum – South.




April 2011 Report


  • LAGA wins another award - The Future for Nature Award in the Netherlands, given to individuals for internationally outstanding species protection efforts.
  • 8 dealers arrested in 4 different operations within 10 days – 2 in Kumba chimp parts trade, 2 in Kribi with 9 sea turtle shells, 2 in Kribi with a live baby chimp and 2 in Bafang leopard skin deal.  
  • A network of 7 dealers in ivory busted in Bengbis – South.
  • PALF- Congo Investigator ends 1 month training in LAGA with good results.




March 2011 Report


  • The biggest wildlife exporter in Cameroon arrested following the establishing of a court case against him.
  • 2 dealers sentenced to 10 months imprisonment in Abong – Mbang, East Region for killing and dealing in elephant products.
  • PALF Investigator from the Republic of Congo arrived for training in LAGA.





February 2011 Report


  • A violent attempt on a LAGA staff and collaborator combated.
  • 3 main dealers arrested for trying to trade in 4 elephant tusks and for kidnapping a LAGA staff.
  • 3 operations carried out arresting 5 wildlife dealers in Cameroon - Littoral and South with a primate and 7 sea turtle shells.
  • A very good prosecution obtained in Abong Mbang – East - a major dealer sentenced to 2 years imprisonment.




January 2011 Report


  • Biggest apes operation in Africa carried out by AALF Gabon with 5 traffickers arrested with 13 ape heads and 32 ape hands among other contraband wildlife.
  • A Chinese ivory dealer arrested at the airport in Brazzaville by PALF Congo, with large quantities of ivory as he was preparing to board a flight to Beijing.
  • 2 operations carried out arresting 3 wildlife dealers in Cameroon - Littoral and South with a primate and 7 sea turtle shells.
  •  AALF – Gabon Investigator and Jurist end 5 weeks training in LAGA office.


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