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Saturday, May 25, 2019
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  Activity reports


December 2012 reports



  • 4 dealers arrested in 4 different operations
  • Corruption observed in 2 cases after arrest operations
  • 7 dealers were sentenced this month including 3 Ghanaians
  • The year ended on target in all Departments







November 2012 reports



  • 4 dealers arrested in 3 different operations rescuing 4 primates including a chimp, drill and mangabey.
  • 2 operations carried out on the same day in Tonga – West arresting 2 dealers.
  • LAGA Director makes a presentation during GRASP conference in Paris.
  • Replication assessment mission carried out in Togo.
  • As a result of LAGA's achievements, the LAGA Director receives the Condé Nast Traveller Environmental Award.




October 2012 reports



  • LAGA conquers the Buckingham Palace by winning The Duke of Edinburgh Conservation medal given by Prince Philip – the husband of Queen Elizabeth.
  • Traditional ruler contributes to conservation efforts by giving a primate in his possession.
  • A dealer in live primates arrested in Ebolowa – South.
  • LAGA family makes a trip to the Mefou National Park.






September 2012 reports



  • A network of 5 traffickers in human parts and elephant meat busted in Djoum South by Wildlife officials.
  • 2 other dealers arrested in 2 different operations.
  • 5 dealers sentenced this month in the South and West Regions.
  • LAGA Director gives a presentation on corruption during GAPIN conference in Uganda.






August 2012 reports



  • 5 dealers arrested in 3 different operations within 1 week in 2 different Regions.
  • 4 dealers sentenced this month, 18 months imprisonment term obtained.
  • The Central African Wildlife Law Enforcement Newsletter launched.
  • 2 Jurists from PALF – Republic of Congo trained in Yaounde.






July 2012 reports


  • 4 dealers arrested in 3 different operations within 1 week in 3 different Regions.
  • 3 cases were sentenced this month against 5 dealers with a major dealer sentenced to 2 years imprisonment in Abong Mbang – East.
  • LAGA Director trains wildlife, police and judicial officials in South Sudan.
  • The first semester report completed and available on the LAGA website.
  • The 8th Edition of the Wildlife Justice Magazine published and being distributed.







June 2012 reports



  • 3 dealers arrested in 2 different operations.
  • LAGA Director train wildlife officiers on corruption in the International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA).
  • A new version of LAGA Legal handbook produced.







May 2012 reports



  • 6 dealers were sentenced this month in 3 different prosecutions.
  • An Internet wildlife dealer sentenced to 2 years imprisonment in Muyuka – South West.
  • LAGA wins another award - The Marsh Christian Trust Award.
  • 6 dealers arrested with more than 800 items, mostly ivory in Guinea-Conakry by GALF.
  • A Jurist sent to Chad to initiate court cases against dealers.
  • Hotline established in Investigations Department.










April 2012 reports



  • 17 dealers were sentenced this month and more than 60 million FCFA ($120,000) to be paid to MINFOF as damages.
  • 2 dealers sentenced to 30 months imprisonment each in Yokadouma – East.
  • 6 dealers arrested in 4 separate operations.










March 2012 reports



  • Replication in Guinea – Conakry was concretized with the arrest of 7 major dealers.
  • 7 dealers arrested in East Region in 3 separate operations.
  • LAGA Director continued with a special mission on Bouba Ndjida elephant massacre.





February 2012 reports




  • Dealer in elephant products from the South Region arrested in Yaounde – Center.
  • LAGA starts replication activities in Guinea - Conakry
  • Replication in Chad concentrated on the Bouba Ndjida elephant massacre.
  • LAGA Director creates more collaborative contacts during Interpol meeting in Thailand.
  • LAGA Director starts a special mission on Bouba Ndjida elephant massacre.
  • LAGA Team meets the new Minister – MINFOF for acquaintance and collaboration.






January 2012 reports




  • 3 operations carried out arresting 3 wildlife dealers in Cameroon

  • A dealer in primate parts arrested in Tinto with chimp and mandrill skulls.

  • 7 dealers sentenced in Abong-Mbang and Yokadouma. 

  • The 2011 Annual Report on activities and finance completed and posted online.




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