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Saturday, May 25, 2019
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  Activity Reports 2013



December 2013 reports



  • An  ecoguard  working  in  the  Waza  national  park  arrested  with  elephant  parts and other protected wildlife products.

  • 2 ivory traffickers arrested in Lomie – East transporting ivory using the vehicule of the Ngoyla municipality – East Region.

  • Lack  of  collaboration  and  breach  of  procedure  observed  in  MINFOF  Far  North Regional Delegation.

  • 1 dealer sentenced in Bafia - Center

  • The year ended on target in all Departments





November 2013 reports



  • 4 dealers arrested in 2 different operations in Makenene and Yaounde.
  • 3 major dealers were sentenced this month in Djoum and Edea for killing and trading in elephant products.
  • LAGA Director travelled to Kenya to work on the Kenyan and Ugandan Replications
    of LAGA.
  • LAGA  Director  travelled  to  the  US  attempting  to  add  the  lessons  of  LAGA  to  the
    forefront of strategies in the US for fighting wildlife trafficking.





October 2013 reports




  • 6 dealers arrested in 3 different operations in Lomie, Yaounde and Garoua.
  • 2 international dealers arrested in Garoua  –  North with a variety of protected wildlife
  • 3 major ivory traffickers were sentenced to serve prison terms in Yaounde - Center





September 2013 reports



  • 13 dealers were sentenced this month in Limbe, Bamenda, Djoum and Yokadouma.

  • The President of the national syndicate of live wildlife exploiters  in Cameroon  and his
    Chinese partner slammed prison terms by the Court of First Instance – Limbe.
  • 3 years imprisonment term meted on a major dealer in Yokadouma – East.
  • Chinese  trafficker  arrested  at  Nsimalen  Airport  with  giant  pangolin  scales;  another
    dealer arrested in Edea – Littoral with elephant parts.
  • 54 media pieces were produced and pushed through this month






August 2013 reports



  • 10 suspects arrested this month in 5 different operations
  • A  high  level  MINFOF  official  arrested  for  suspected  complicity  and  corruption  in
    connection to ivory stolen from national stock.
  • The  biggest  wildlife  trafficker  in  Cameroon  arrested  in  connection  to  Chinese  giant pangolin scales dealer in Limbe.
  • Chinese trafficker arrested at Nsimalen Airport with ivory and giant pangolin scales.
  • A network of 5 parrot traffickers using a military matriculated vehicle busted
  • 2 dealers arrested with a live chimp in Bafut – North West








July 2013 reports



  •  A  wildlife  case  sent  to  the  Special  Criminal  Court  in  an  exceptional  move  by  the Government of Cameroon.
  • Dealer in lion skin arrested in Mbandjock – Center.
  • Another  trafficker  connected  to  ivory  stolen  from  national  stock  arrested  in  ObalaCenter.
  • 2  international  leopard  skin  traffickers  arrested  in  Yaounde  –  Center  with  2  leopard skins from Souanke – Republic of Congo.







June 2013 reports



  • Ivory  previously  deposited in National Stock  discovered among elephant tusks  seized in LAGA – MINFOF operation in Douala – Littoral.
  • 2 operations within 1 hour arrests 4 major dealers  in ivory in Douala  with a total of 18 elephant tusks and 32 ivory pieces.
  • Unprocedural behaviour observed in MINFOF Delegations
  • An ivory dealer sentenced to 3 months imprisonment in Djoum - South






May 2013 reports



  • An operation led to the arrest of a female dealer in protected bush meat in Sangmelima – South.
  • Female dealer in live primate sentenced in Douala – Littoral
  • 2 new babies welcomed into the LAGA family












April 2013 reports



  • Chinese  dealer  and  his  Cameroonian  accomplices  arrested  with  7  big  sacs  of  giant
    pangolin scales while attempting to send them to Nigeria.
  • Another  international  ivory  trafficker  with  connections  to  the  Republic  of  Congo, South Africa and Guinea Bissau arrested in Djoum - South.





 March 2013 reports



  • 7 dealers arrested in 4 different operations
  • 2 international ivory traffickers with a base in the Republic of Congo arrested.
  • LAGA Director invited to speak in the European Parliament.
  • LAGA Director participated in CITES 16th Conference of the Parties as a member of the Cameroon Government Delegation in Thailand.








February 2013 reports



  • 3 international ivory traffickers belonging to the same network arrested with 24 elephant tusks.
  • The busted network has connections in Congo, Gabon, France, Belgium and Italy.
  • WCO invited LAGA director to speak on anti-corruption strategies.







January 2013 reports



  • 2 operations arresting 2 wildlife dealers rescuing 4 live primates.
  • The 2012 Annual Report on activities and finance completed and posted online.















































































































































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