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Saturday, June 15, 2019
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  Activity Reports 2014

December 2014 reports


  • Four court rulings leading to the imprisonment of 4 traffickers were carried out this month.
  • One of the court rulings sentences a major ivory trafficker who had been arrested twice before and was never prosecuted. 
  • LAGA family goes on end of year vacation to resume work in January.
  • The Deputy Director represented LAGA during the first EAGLE meeting that held in Benin. EAGLE coordinator and LAGA director was also in attendance.

November 2014 reports  


  • Three operations carried out this month resulted in 3 traffickers arrested
  • A trafficker arrested for shooting and killing of Moon a chimpanzee in Sheeri Speede's "Kindred Beings"
  • Two others arrested for trafficking in ape skulls in Yaounde and Ma'an, South Region
  • LAGA family takes time off to relax at the seaside town of Limbe after a hectic year.
  • The Head of the Legal Department welcomes a new baby into his family while on mission to Senegal.

October 2014 reports


  • Five operations saw arrest of 8 traffickers over several wildlife products including fresh gorilla and chimp heads.
  • Two traffickers engaged in cross-border trafficking of chimpanzee heads to Nigeria arrested.
  • Two major traffickers arrested in the East Region during two separate operations: Giant pangolin scales, elephant bones, gorilla bones, chimp heads and bones seized.
  • A man and woman arrested for illegal possession and commercialisation of chimp and gorilla skulls.
  • The Head of Legal Department traveled to Senegal to provide assistance during big operation leading to seizure of 2 753 products.


September 2014 reports


  • 1 trafficker was arrested this month in Nanga Eboko - Centre Region and 4 gorilla heads, 16 limbs were seized.
  • Maximum 3 years imprisonment term meted on two traffickers in South West and one of them is a Coast guard.
  • A series of meetings were held with the Minister Delegate at the Ministry of Territorial Administration, the US Ambassador, the British High Commissioner, the Canadian High Commissioner.
  • LAGA Director traveled to Cameroon for a week-long working stay.

August 2014 reports


  • 2 traffickers arrested with a collection of wildlife products.
  • The traffickers were also found in possession of marijuana an illegal substance that they had consumed shortly before their arrest.
  • A trafficker arrested in the Littoral with 3 ape skulls.
  • An official from the Prague zoo visited the LAGA office.

July 2014 reports


  • 6 traffickers arrested in Mamfe during two swift operations with 19 elephant bones and a gorilla skull. One of the 6 traffickers is an assistant lawyer.
  • 2 traffickers arrested in Djoum with elephant bones.
  • A trafficker in live apes arrested in Ndeng-Zoatele but the chimpanzee baby died shortly before the arrest.

June 2014 reports

  •  Three operations carried out this month and four dealers arrested
  • A marine marchande corporal  and one other dealer were arrested and over 100 elephant bones seized.
  • A professional live primate dealer was arrested in Yaounde.
  • A dealer in varied wildlife products was arrested in Bertoua
  • The Head of Legal Department too part in anti-poaching/trafficking workshop in Libreville, Gabon.

May 2014 reports

  • 3 dealers arrested during two operations with 27 gorilla and chimpanzee skulls seized.
  • Long time LAGA staff and Head of Investigations and Operations moves to another organisation working in wildlife domain.
  • LAGA Director continues stay in Kenya working on the initial stages of a replication project in the country.
  • Kenyan Jurist trained on wildlife law enforcement.

April 2014 reports



  •  3  dealers  arrested  during  two  operations  with  2  leopards  skins  andgiant  pangolin
    scales seized.
  • Notorious recidivist female trafficker arrested in Yaounde.
  • MINFOF South, lack of collaboration and failure to forward to court suspect illegally
    keeping a live chimpanzee in Ambam, South Region.
  • LAGA  Director  travels  to  Kenya  to  prospect  on  possibilities  of  kick-starting
    replication project.







March 2014 reports



  • 5 dealers arrested in 4 operations with ivory, leopard skins and elephant skulls.
  • International  ivory  trafficker  arrested  with  more  than  170  kg  of  elephant  tusks  in
    Yaounde - Center.
  • Repeated  lack  of  collaboration  and  breach  of  procedure  observed  in  MINFOF
    Regional Delegation – Douala.
  • A dealer in live mandrill convicted in Yaounde – Center.







February 2014 reports



  •  4 dealers arrested in 3 operations with leopard skins and elephant parts.
  • 3 traffickers in elephant products sentenced to prison terms.
  • Ivory dealer given 1 year prison term and to pay 25,000,000 FCFA as damages.
  • LAGA Director still receiving treatment in Israel after a crocodile attack.







January 2014 reports



  •  LAGA Director survives crocodile attack in Ethiopia
  • Traffic  of  influence,  lack  of  collaboration  and  breach  of  procedure  observed  in MINFOF Littoral Regional Delegation following the arrest of a Chinese with a chimp.
  • 4 dealers arrested with ivory in Lomie – East.
  • The 2013 Annual Report on activities and finance completed and posted online.








































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