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Saturday, June 15, 2019
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  Activity reports 2015

December 2015 reports


  • 2  wildlife traffickers arrested in East Region with 3 gorilla skulls and other protected wildlife contraband.
  • Another  wildlife  trafficker arrested in Yaounde with shocking amount of 19 chimpanzee skulls he transported from the South.
  • The year ended meeting targets in full and the LAGA family went on traditional vacation during the end of the year festive period.

November 2015 reports


  • 2   giant pangolin scales traffickers arrested during two separate operations; 114 kg of scales contraband seized.
  • A primate trafficker arrested with 18 primate skulls.
  • Under the EAGLE Exchange Programme the Head of the Investigation Department travelled to Guinea while a Senegalese legal adviser and a Beninese investigator were trained in Cameroon.

October 2015 reports


  • major traffickers arrested in the Littoral and East Regions with ivory contraband.
  •  One of the traffickers is a repeat offender who had earlier served two imprisonment terms for ivory trafficking.
  • A member of the Central Coordination Unit was in Cameroon for a week long visit.
  • Under the EAGLE exchange programme the Deputy Director of LAGA travelled to Uganda for a support mission.

September 2015 reports


  • 2 major wildlife traffickers arrested with mandrill skulls, among several contraband products.
  • Court rulings convicted and sentenced three traffickers to prison terms and one ruling appealed.
  • Under the EAGLE Network Exchange programme, two arrived Cameroon and two on mission from LAGA to other projects returned.
  • Media Assistant Head attended Jackson Hold Elephant Summit in the United States. 

August 2015 reports


  • 3 major wildlife traffickers arrested in Lomie and Yaounde with ape skulls, giant pangolin scales among other products.
  • Court hands sea turtle shells trafficker 2 years jail term and orders payment of damages worth over 6 million CFAF
  • Three LAGA members on mission in other countries under the EAGLE Exchange programme.

July 2015 reports

  • 2 ape skull traffickers arrested but were curiously released by the Regional Delegate without prosecution on grounds that the skulls were very old.
  • 3 ivory trafficking suspects arrested with 2 kg illicit gold, in an important link between the two illegal trades.
  • LAGA first semester report covering January – June 2015 published online

June 2015 reports


  • A total of 7 major traffickers were arrested in 5 separate operations.
  • 3 major wildlife traffickers arrested in Yaounde and Douala with big hauls of carved ivory.
  • 2 ape traffickers arrested in the Centre region trafficking ape skulls from supply zones
  • An activist from India arrived for collaboration with the LAGA team and a Senegalese investigator arrived for a month-long training session.
  • LAGA’s head of the investigation department returned to Cameroon after a training and arrest operation support in Senegal.

May 2015 reports

  • 2 traffickers arrested with giant pangolin scales, hippo skull and ivory and other wildlife contraband.
  • LAGA assist in case of 3 arrested over illegal ivory possession and trafficking after one
    complained his ivory was stolen.

  • LAGA’s Head of Investigation traveled to Senegal for an operation
  • Investigator from Togo – TALFF finishes a successful training in LAGA.

April 2015 reports


  • Two foreign nationals arrested during back to back operations that saw arrest of four.
  • Two arrested for trafficking in ape skulls.
  • Two given 1-year jail term for ape skull trafficking
  • Two Congolese jurists, a Chadian activist and a Togolese investigator in Cameroon under EAGLE exchange programme

March 2015 reports

  • 2 traffickers arrested for chimp skull trafficking
  • Major ivory trafficker sentenced to 1 year imprisonment

February 2015 reports



  • Unprecedented number of 9 traffickers arrested this month during 4 operations
  • Retired civil servant arrested for wildlife trafficking
  • 3 traffickers arrested near the Santchou game reserve for ivory trafficking.
  • Corruption: two rearrested following LAGA anti-corruption intervention

January 2015 reports


  • Three operations carried out this month and six traffickers arrested. 
  • A lead hunter, president of a local association of hunters and two others were arrested.
  • Two other operations in Djoum led to the arrest of an ivory trafficker and two others trafficking in ape skulls.
  • African grey parrot trafficker who was arrested with 72 parrots gets 18 months jail term
  • LAGA members resumed work after season's vacation.

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