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Saturday, June 15, 2019
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  Activity Reports 2016

  January 2016 report


  • 3 cybercriminals arrested in Douala with falsified CITES permits advertising lions and cheetahs for online sale.
  • Work resumed after an end of year vacation that enabled staff to take a rest.
  • LAGA receives fellows of Pangolin Mentor PoP Fellowship programmme who were visiting the office for the first time.

February 2016 report


  • 2 back to back operations arresting 2 traffickers in Bertoua and Dimako, East Region.
  • Major international trafficker of Nigerian nationality is one of 2 traffickers arrested within the month, contraband found in his possession include 12 ivory tusks and over 200 kg of giant pangolin scales. An ape skulls trafficker arrested in the second operation with 9 ape skulls.
  • Two legal advisers from the SALF projects in Senegal and the GALF project in Guinea arrived the country for a three-week long training period under the EAGLE Exchange Programme.
  • 3 ivory traffickers slammed one year imprisonment  term each by the Dschang court of First Instance

March 2016 report

  • 5 wildlife traffickers were arrested during this month
  • 3 arrested in the South with 12 ape skulls among them a major ivory trafficker.
  • A trafficker arrested in the West with 10 chimp skulls and an elephant tail.
  • A trafficker arrested in South with 3 elephant tails and hoofs but has connections to
illicit ivory trade.
  • 5 traffickers sentenced to prison terms this month.

April 2016 report


  • 2 operations carried out and 3 traffickers arrested with primates skulls and turtle shells.
  • 2 traffickers arrested in Nkambe and in Kumbo, North West Region, with dozens of mandrill and gorilla skulls and parts.
  • A trafficker arrested in Eseka, Centre Region, with sea turtle shells, chimpanzee skulls and pangolin scales.
  • LAGA carried out a three-day training under the US Fish and Wildlife Service Fellowship Programme ongoing in Yaounde.
  • Deputy Director held several meetings with wildlife and environment officials, UN experts and conservationists.

May 2016 report


  • 2 operations carried out and 4 traffickers arrested with ivory and ape skulls
  • 2 traffickers arrested in Garoua with ivory bangles and chopsticks and raw ivory recovered from the home of one of them..
  • 2 traffickers arrested in Ayos with 10 ape skulls.
  • 2 fellows of the Mentor PoP Fellowship programme concluded a month-long internship course
  • Head of Investigation Department travelled to Senegal to assist SALF in wildlife law enforcement operations.

June 2016 report


  • 2 operations carried out and three traffickers arrested with chimpanzee skulls, ivory and leopard skin.
  • 2 traffickers arrested in first operation with 13 chimpanzee skulls in Abong Mbang.
  • A trafficker arrested in Bafoussam with ivory bangles and leopard skin.
  • The Deputy Director held meeting with the Director of Wildlife and protected Areas.
  • Head of Investigation Department returned from Senegal following an operation assistance mission in the country.
  • The Financial Officer of the Central Coordination Unit of the EAGLE Network arrived for a two-week working visit, the Assistant coordinator of the AALF-B, Benin left after one month training.

July 2016 report


  • A trafficker arrested in Njombe, Littoral region with 8 sea turtle shells.
  • EAGLE Financial Officer completed an audit and financial management assistance mission to the country.
  • Recruitment of an investigator and an accountant, interviews conducted.
  • The first semester ended with 20 arrests, with 71% staying behind bars from the moment of arrest while media pieces were published at the rate of one per day.
  • 2016 first semester report was compiled and published online.

August 2016 report


  • 2 operations carried out and three traffickers arrested; ivory and giant pangolin scales.
  • A major trafficker arrested in Yaounde with 64 pieces of carved ivory objects.
  • 128 kg of pangolin scales seized in Adamaoua and 2 traffickers arrested.
  • Head of Investigation Department at EAGLE Uganda completed a three-week long experiences sharing mission to the country.

September 2016 report


  • One operation carried out and one trafficker arrested; 109 pieces of  carved ivory contraband seized
  • The Financial Officer of EAGLE arrived the country to assist in recruiting an accountant and worked on auditing financial records.
  • The Deputy Director met with the Vice Dean in charge of research at the University of Yaounde II - Soa and with some MINFOF regional delegates.

October 2016 report


  • 2 traffickers arrested with two leopard skins and 14 pieces of carved ivory contraband seized.  
  • The Deputy Director travelled to the US to participate in a USFWS Commercial Bushmeat Trade workshop and attend meetings with US Government officials.  
  • Training sessions continue with a Senegalese investigator spent for three weeks in the country while an investigator from Madagascar and a super volunteer from Holland arrived for further training.  

November 2016 report

  • 7 traffickers arrested during 4 operations  
  • A live chimpanzee was rescued and 3 arrested. It was sent to the IDA Sanaga Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Centre for lifetime support and care.  
  • 2 major long time ivory traffickers were arrested in Ebolowa with ivory tusks and statuettes.  
  • An ivory trafficker trading from a hotel kiosk in Yaounde was arrested with several carved ivory pieces.  
  • A wildlife trafficker was arrested in Melong with a leopard skin and other contraband.  

December 2016 Report


  • Customs arrest 4 airport officials over the illegal export of 680 kg of pangolin scales. LAGA provided technical advice, legal and media assistance.  
  • The entire LAGA family went on annual vacation while the Head of the Legal Department welcomed a new born baby into his family and the Assistant Head of the Media Department lost her father.  

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