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Saturday, June 15, 2019
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  Activity Reports 2017

December report 2017


  • Legal assistance provided to Djoum wildlife officials following the arrest of 2 traffickers and seizure of 216 tusks in a military car.   
  • The entire LAGA family went on annual vacation.   
  • The Interim Director attended a human resource management training course at the Galilee International Management Institute in Israel  
  •  A legal adviser participated in the anti-poaching committee meeting held at the Governor’s in Yaounde

November report 2017


  • 6 traffickers arrested during 2 different operations, ivory tusks and pangolin scales seized.
  • 3 traffickers arrested in Sangmelima with 4 ivory tusks and 2 of the tusks trafficked from Gabon. 
  • 3 traffickers arrested in Douala with over 128kg of pangolin scales from a criminal ring that operated in the East and Littoral Regions.
  • The Deputy Director held a meeting with the new British High Commissioner to Cameroon and another meeting with the Director of Wildlife and Protected Area.

October report 2017

  • 6 traffickers arrested during 3 different operations, ivory, pangolin scales and leopard skins seized  
  • 2 traffickers arrested in Yaounde with two ivory tusks.  
  • 2 traffickers arrested in Ebolowa with over 50kg of pangolin scales that were trafficked from as far as Gabon and Congo.  
  • The Deputy Director participated at the 17th MoP to the Congo Basin Forest Partnership held in Douala.  

September report 2017

  • 7 traffickers arrested during 3 different operations, 2 chimps and a mandrill seized during the operations. 
  • 2 baby chimpanzees rescued; 5 ape traffickers arrested during 2 operations in Djoum and Manjo. 
  • 2 traffickers arrested with a live mandrill and pangolin scales in Yaounde 
  • Super volunteer begins month-long training and test. 
  • Assistant Head of the Media Department, travelled to the US to participate in the Jackson hole environmental film festival as a volunteer. 
  • The Deputy Director travelled to Gaborone, Botswana, where he trained wildlife and customs officials at ILEA on tackling corruption.

August report 2017

  • A baby chimp rescued and ape trafficker arrested with additional pangolin scales in Ebolowa, South Region. 
  • Deputy Director travelled to the assist new Ivory Coast replication project. 
  • Recruitment of investigators intensified with 3 new candidates on test. 
  • A new project development officer was recruited on part-time to provide support to several departments of the organisation. 

July report 2017

  • A trafficker arrested with ivory contraband during an operation carried out in Yoko, Centre Region.


June report 2017


  • 3 traffickers arrested during two operations.  
  • A trafficker arrested with a leopard skin and 45kg of pangolin scales in Yaounde. He traveled from Douala with the contraband.  
  • 2 ape traffickers arrested and a trafficking ring crushed as 2 adult chimps rescued. Chimps immediately taken to Limbe Wildlife Centre  
  • The Director visited the country and held several meetings including meetings with American Ambassador and British High Commissioner,  
  • The Deputy Director went to coordinate the new replication in Ivory Coast for training and recruitment of new staff for project and after his returned the Interim Director traveled there to continue the same mission.  

May report 2017


  • A trafficker arrested with two carved ivory tusks.  
  • Several meetings held with wildlife officials to reinforce collaboration and discuss strategic issues related to wildlife law enforcement.  
  • GALF Legal Adviser from Guinea completed a month-long training under the EAGLE exchange program.  

April report 2017


  • 5 traffickers arrested during 3 operations.  
  • A Reverend Father arrested in Sangmelima, South Region with ivory tusks, leopard skins and teeth from the freshly killed animal.  
  • 3 major traffickers arrested in Meiganga in the Adamoua Region with lion, leopard and crocodile skins.  
  • A pangolin scales trafficker arrested with 94 kg of pangolin scales in Messamena in the East Region.  

March report 2017


  • 2 traffickers including a Ghanaian national arrested during an operation targeting an international network of parrot traffickers.  
  • The Director arrived the country for a week-long working visit  
  • A legal adviser from Madagascar ended a three-week long evaluation period.  

February report 2017


  • This month no operations took place, new strategies are formulated to ensure more arrests next month.  
  • The Head of Legal Department did a presentation on the writing of complaint statements and follow-up of case during an international workshop that took place in Douala.  
  • The Head of Investigations Department took part in the National Anti Poaching Committee meeting held in Mbalmayo.  
  • The Deputy Director took part in event that witnessed the burning of 3 tons of pangolin scales in Yaounde. 
  • Assistant Coordinator of SALF arrived Cameroon for a short training mission.  

January report 2017


  • 4 traffickers arrested during 2 record breaking operations.
  • Biggest ever seizure of pangolin scales in Central Africa, 5.4 tons seized; 2 Chinese arrested.  
  • First ever seizure of zebra skins in the country, 2 traffickers arrested  
  • A record breaking 8 court judgements passed, damages awarded totaled 137 million FCFA. 
  • LAGA members resume work after the end of year vacation.  

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