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Monday, May 21, 2018
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  Activity Reports 2018

April 2018 Report

  • Two mandrills rescued in Ambam, one trafficker arrested 
  • The deputy director carried out an anti-corruption training at the Garoua Wildlife School

March 2018 report
  • 5 traffickers arrested during 2 operations, with raw and carved ivory and a gun.
  • 3 arrested in Ebolowa during first operation with 4 ivory tusks and a gun.
  • Crackdown on an arts shop selling ivory in a hotel in Yaounde. The owner and the seller both arrested with 121 carved ivory pieces.
  • The Deputy Director participated in a GIS for combating wildlife trafficking workshop in Ethiopia
  • The Deputy Director did a presentation on corruption in the wildlife law enforcement process during a workshop in Yaounde organised by the US department of justice.

February 2018 Report

  • A traffickers arrested with 37kg of pangolin scales, 6 hippo teeth and 2 python skins.
  • LAGA Director and Deputy Director attended a leadership and training course organised to upgrade skills of EAGLE coordinators.
  • The Deputy Director attended a meeting with other conservation groups and the US Embassy to prepare for the World Pangolin Day that was celebrated with activities carried out by the respective organisations.
  • At the invitation of the French Embassy, the Deputy Director did a presentation on corruption in wildlife law enforcement at the French cultural centre in Yaounde.

January 2018 Report 

  • 3 traffickers arrested, live chimp rescued and 80kg of pangolin scales seized  
  • LAGA resumed work after an annual vacation

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