Activity report February 2020

This month was marked by the arrest of a trafficker with leopard skins. 

The trafficker is experienced in leopard skin trafficking and ran a network with traffickers spanning some major towns in the region. He equally traveled to the East Region where he bought one of the skins he was attempting to sell. He owns a shop at one of the main markets in Bafoussam, the capital of the West Region. 

 The Deputy Director participated at a meeting organized by Interpol officials that was aimed at developing priorities and needs for future operations within the West and Central African sub-region. 

On the invitation of the Belgian Ambassador, he participated at the meeting with top gendarmerie officials to discuss a wildlife case with connections to the gendarmerie. 

The LAGA family traveled to Batie in the West Region to participate in the funeral activities of a former investigator who passed away following a protracted illness.