Collaboration with Government

The most important partner in the project is the government of Cameroon, with which LAGA signed a convention in October 2010 certifying the collaboration on these activities. The main government agency involved is the Ministry of Forests and Fauna (MINFOF), although other government agencies such as the Ministry of Justice are also consulted on various issues and activities. Collaboration with MINFOF is on a weekly and sometimes daily basis, with MINFOF officers as well as police officers represented in the special enforcement unit. It is envisaged that over time MINFOF will take more and more direct control of the activities being developed in this project, until LAGA is able to withdraw from the project entirely with the activities being maintained solely by the government of Cameroon. The relationship with the government is so close that LAGA representatives are often placed on delegations (for instance on missions to South Africa or to the CITES CoP) as government representatives rather than NGO observers

Working closely at the Ministerial level also allows LAGA to help formulate policy and plan future activities

Convention with the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife (MINFOF)

Legal Registration documents