Activation of an investigation network to plan operations against major wildlife crimes. LAGA’s Investigation agents may also participate in operations.

Investigation agents are carefully selected, hired and trained in undercover investigation techniques. Investigation activities are conducted throughout the country and focused on particular illegal wildlife exploitation activities and specific perpetrators. The goal of the investigations is to confirm the identity of large scale illegal wildlife exploiters and to provide sufficient evidence for a successful operation.

Hidden camera captures baby chimp with dealer before operation

 LAGA developed an outreach at the International level as well as the new but increasing phenomena of Internet wildlife trade.

Before justice can be carried out, the defaulters need to be identified and arrested. The Investigations Department is in charge of the identification of those who trade in protected wildlife species and wildlife products both at the national and international levels, as well as through the Internet.

World map showing active investigation target areas 

The Department covers the whole of Cameroon territorially ranging from the remotest villages through small towns to big cities.

At the International level, LAGA is involved in active investigations in countries in other parts of Africa (The Democratic Republic of Congo, The Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Chad, Gabon, South Africa etc.), Europe (France, Belgium, Spain, Ukraine), and Asia (Taiwan, China, Philippine). Via the Internet, LAGA covers cases all over the world so long as the information concerns wildlife infraction connected to Cameroon.

The investigators in the department seek to obtain effective results in real time without spending too much time in the field. Some cases may take months and even necessitate going out of Cameroon.