Cameroon’s Wildlife: Endangered Animal Species by Sone Nkoke Christopher

This is an enchanting multi-disciplinary groundbreaking conservation and touristic handbook that captures the splendour of Cameroon’s endangered Class A animal species for field work and posterity. By so doing, it vividly locates and describes Cameroon; its socio-cultural and touristic attractions; national parks and sanctuaries which serve as natural habitats of the important endangered mammals, birds, reptiles and batrachians whose pictures and descriptions are herein portrayed.

Wildlife in Cameroon is as diverse as the country and its people. Most of these animals are perpetually under threat of extinction by forces which are interacting and re-enforcing each other thus they need to be checked to protect the animals from annihilation. In order to achieve this objective people need to know the animal, the reasons for their protection and their benefits thereof. This book seeks to solve this puzzle.