About the book

AIDS Free Generation Book covers all children between the ages of 3-18 years, victims and none victims and also touches the adults to an extent. It covers all the details as concerning the fight against HIV/ AIDS. It goes down to the roots; designed taking in to consideration the daily life and problems of the communities and cross-cultural boundaries. The use of poems makes it easy for the children to understand the message.

Illustrations and exercises which follow every poem to enhance the understanding of the massage and an HIV/AIDS free generation song. It carries over 40 poems on the history of HIV/AIDS, the symptoms of HIV/AIDS, prevention, the need for an HIV test, living with HIV/AIDS, a call for the adults to join the children in the fight against HIV/AIDS to build and AIDS free generation, maintaining a good relationship with the victims, denouncement of practices which may lead to the contraction of the disease, changing the mentality of those who still think HIV/AIDS is not real and a taboo, children’s right to good health, female genital mutilation, advice to the children, to list a few.