Activity report April 2019

This month was marked by the arrest of 3 traffickers with elephant ivory and tail.

3 traffickers arrested with 5 ivory tusks and an elephant tail. They had shot and killed baby elephants in the Dja reserve, using the gun of a retired policeman.  They travelled to Sangmelima with the ivory and tail, looking forward to selling the illegal products. All 5 tusks weighed less than 1kg and measured about 14cm each indicating they were removed from the heads of baby elephants that were freshly killed as the tusks stunk when officials removed them from the knacksacks that was used by the traffickers to conceal and carry the products. The traffickers seem to master the Dja reserve very well as they used difficult entry and exit points of the reserve that is protected by natural borders such as rivers.

A legal adviser completed a three-month training course at the Durrell Conservation Academy in New Jersey, UK and is travelling back to the country.