Activity report June 2019

This month was marked by the arrest of a trafficker with pangolin scales during an operation carried out in Douala. 

The trafficker belonged to an international network of pangolin scales traffickers running the illegal trade between the Central African Republic (CAR) and Cameroon and this includes other sub-regional countries right to Nigeria. He facilitated the movement of the pangolin scales between traffickers in Cameroon and CAR and played a crucial role in facilitating the illegal wildlife, taking care of the logistics including transportation and storage. He equally looked for buyers and facilitated the transactions. He had close ties to the international network of pangolin scales traffickers who were arrested on August 18, 2018, for illegal possession of 700kg of pangolin scales. The case was very poorly handled and the traffickers who were released before trial fled would fail to appear court but curiously were handed very lenient sentences. 

Several meetings were held at the various customs regional sectors as part of the implementation of the protocol agreement signed with customs.