Activity report March 2019

This month was marked by the arrest of 4 traffickers with ivory and pangolin scales.

4 traffickers arrested with 73 ivory tusks and 1.7 tons of pangolin scales. The crime syndicate had been shipping contraband through Nigeria.  As a cover business, one of them owned a telephone shop and used this  as front business, a cover-up for the illegal trade in pangolin scales and ivory. The traffickers activated a big network of smaller traffickers and poachers in three regions of the country. They had a warehouse in Douala where the contraband was stored for export.

The Deputy Director and the Director General of Customs signed a protocol agreement laying the framework of collaboration to fight transboundary wildlife crimes. 
A legal adviser continued her stay in the UK where she is participating at a Durrell Endangered Species Management 2019 programme offered by the Durrell Conservation Academy.