Activity report October 2019

No arrests were carried out this month and the investigation departments held several brainstorming meetings on new strategies that shall target more traffickers next month to cover the gap left this month. 

The list of nominees for the 2020 Indianapolis prize was announced and the deputy director is one of 32 candidates vying for the top-notch conservation medal. The winner and finalists and will be honored at the Indianapolis Prize Gala in the US, on September 12, 2020. The prize is awarded by the Indianapolis zoo in recognition of the extraordinary contributions to conservation efforts by individuals in their conservation work that affects one or more animal species.  

 Following the extensive screening in the US, the documentary movie 'Silent Forest' moves to African film festivals with screening already carried out in Rwanda and Nigeria. LAGA played a major role in the movie and an elephant parts’ operation was shot in the west of the country.