Annual report 2023

A total of 106 investigation missions (of varying lengths) were carried out in 6 regions.

Operations were carried out in 3 regions arresting 13 traffickers resulting in 13 court cases.

The rate of imprisonment of arrested offender stood at 75%. 

271kg of pangolins scales from all three species in the country, were seized: 

13 new cases were brought to court. The cases began during the period have not yet reached the judgement stage but trials are ongoing.

20 traffickers were found guilty and handed all or at least one of the following; prison sentences, fines and damages. Damages amounted to some 105,889,000 FCFA (about $211,778).  to be paid to MINFOF.

11 court judgements were passed during the 6-month period.

A total of 197 media pieces were produced in national media (radio, written press and internet) achieved at a rate of four every week.

The Second Semester Report of 2023 was made available online.

An external auditing team completed a full audit of the organisation. 

Focus was on maintaining high standards in every department and on improving recruitment for investigators.

Several meetings were held with MINFOF officials, the diplomatic community, national and international NGOs to discuss issues on collaboration, governance, wildlife law enforcement among others.