International Pangolin Scales Network Dismantled

International Pangolin Scales Network Dismantled

On 18th August 2018, the wildlife officials and judicial police officers in Douala, busted a an international network of an pangolin scales traffickers when 6 people were arrested with about 718 kg  of pangolin scales. The operation was carried out during attempts by the traffickers to sell the pangolin scales.
A couple of days to the operation, one of the traffickers sent a truck with from Bangui and  it arrived Douala shortly after he had flown to the port city.  The pangolin scales were then driven to a neighbourhood in the town, where an illegal transaction was about to take place but police arrived the scene of transaction and all 6 traffickers were arrested. One of them attempted to escape but was quickly stopped.
The network that is spread in three central African countries including Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Republic of Central Africa and also Nigeria has connections to Vietnam. One of the 6 arrested is  from the Central African Republic while the rest are Cameroonians.
The exposed modus operandi of the syndicate consisted of buying the scales from smaller traffickers  in  Cameroon,  the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and exporting to Nigeria via Cameroon. Most of the 700kg of giant pangolin scales originated from the DRC where they have strong cover from members of the ruling elite. When the scales arrive Nigeria, they are assembled for illegal export.
The majority of the scales were from  the giant pangolin which is an animal that is threatened with extinction , The operation that  led to the confiscation of 728 kg of pangolin scales , was technically assisted by LAGA an NGO that assists government in the fight against wildlife criminality and the effective application of the wildlife laws in the country. The traffickers are equally linked to rhino horn and lion trophies trafficking and the LAGA, a member of the EAGLE Network  is pursuing investigations on this.
Cameroon upgraded all three species of pangolins to the class of totally protected wildlife species following the CITES 2016 CoP that listed all pangolin species in index I. The sub region is considered to be a hotspot for sourcing illegal pangolin scales that is exported mainly to Asian countries. Over the years several tons of pangolin scales have been seized in Asian cities that have originated from the region. it should be noted that in January 2017 two Chinese nationals were arrested with over 5 tons of pangolin scales ready for illegal export.
Government is stepping up efforts in wildlife law enforcement and last year it burnt close to 3 tons of pangolin scales that were seized during law enforcement operations. There is renewed impetus within the wildlife ministry to fight wildlife crimes since the appointment of a new minister at this ministry.