Annual report 2008

This year was very significant in that LAGA was successful in replicating its activities in the Republic of Congo through LAGA missions and operations, and a LAGA family member effectively kicking off RALF activities. LAGA also diversified its activities with more focus on the fight against corruption by the creation and functioning of a new structure known as Anti- Corruption Organization . AC. There were some tangible achievements in the fields of investigation, prosecution, media exposure, government relations and international activities although there was a deterioration rather than progress in some core LAGA indicators especially operations. LAGA has taken upon itself to improve on these results and indicators in 2009 to compensate the dip in 2008. 

This year for every 11 days a major wildlife dealer was arrested, 94% stayed behind bars from the day of arrest. For every single day a media piece was put on national news and recorded, full time website analysis was done. There was more focus on foreign dealers resulting into the arrest of a Manager in a Logging company thereby exposing the Logging industry and the arrest of an International wildlife trafficker of British nationality; and Internet wildlife trade resulting into the arrest of Internet wildlife dealers who used falsified official documents and CITES Permits.